Thursday, 2 July 2015


    matariki is ...
                The maori New Year

It is a very important traditional  celebrated in New Zealand. There are two different stories about Matariki. One is about seven sister, the other is about Tawhirimatia’s eyes.
How to see Matariki?
You have to wake up an half an hour before dawn and then you see the matariki stars.

Why is matariki important?
It is important because it is the Maori New Year. It is a time of remembrance.

Bouncy Castle

On Friday half of room 12 and room 11 went on to the  bouncy  castle.  We had to line up. I was feeling frustrated because it was taking so long. We waited for the little children to go to class. Finally it was our turn.  It was so fun. I was feeling excited.  The  children jumped up to the sky and then  they fell down.