Thursday, 2 July 2015


    matariki is ...
                The maori New Year

It is a very important traditional  celebrated in New Zealand. There are two different stories about Matariki. One is about seven sister, the other is about Tawhirimatia’s eyes.
How to see Matariki?
You have to wake up an half an hour before dawn and then you see the matariki stars.

Why is matariki important?
It is important because it is the Maori New Year. It is a time of remembrance.

Bouncy Castle

On Friday half of room 12 and room 11 went on to the  bouncy  castle.  We had to line up. I was feeling frustrated because it was taking so long. We waited for the little children to go to class. Finally it was our turn.  It was so fun. I was feeling excited.  The  children jumped up to the sky and then  they fell down.

Friday, 19 June 2015


High on a hill above the villages stood a light house. Its beams of light were a warning for ship to stay away.There were treacherous rocks below. The people that lived in the village were celebrating. The lighthouse keeper was an old solitary man. The man in the lighthouse was doing his work and the people that lived in the village were too noisy, so he slammed the window shut. The lighthouse plunged into darkness. He clambered up the stairs with his lamp. “Oh no!” he thought “the ship is going to sink” he said to himself. Then he look into the enormous lamp he saw the ship coming closer he ran down his stairs to the door the people that was in the village came with. There lamp then the lighthouse keeper man was happy because the ship turned to the other side he said thank you.

Friday, 5 June 2015

The Switch - Vancouver Film School (VFS) from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo

A balding man strolled along the road. He had just finished his lunch and was licking his lips .’’Oh bother’’ he thought to himself, “I’ve spilt food on my brand new tie”.As the man was walking, suddenly a box came out of nowhere and hit him in the head, then he kicked the box and it flew away. He noticed lots of boxes all around him, but there was one shiney box. He climbed up a tower of boxes, when he reached the top he jumped off. He missed the unusual box and landed on the floor! a red button underneath the unusual box, he push the button as fast as he could  and  stood  up then his tie got
stuck and he tried to pull his tie out, then his whole body  got sucked into the unusual box, he was gone forever.

Friday, 29 May 2015


On a cloudy night Jimmy was camping in a forest next to a lake. Sitting on a log beside a warm fire, he toasted marshmallow.

Stomp stomp from behind the boy came the sound of footsteps. Turning  around the boy held out his stick like a sword. Right there stood a giant green angry sea monster.Jimmy was scared.

When Jimmy was toasting his Marshmallow he heard a scary sound. It was a scary slimy monster. Suddenly a monster was behind Jimmy he was so scared  because the monster was evil and scary with sharp pointed teeth .

The monster  did  tricks and the tricks was jumping and sitting on his  tail he was like a dog  to the boy . The boy gave some marshmallows to the monster.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Switch

 A balding man strolled along the road. He had just finished his lunch and was licking his lips .’’Oh bother’’ he thought to himself, “I’ve spilt food on my brand new tie”.

Monday, 18 May 2015

The roller blade run

characters   Luke Andrew setting on the footpath by their houses.  

plot  The boys were roller blading  on the  path around their houses. They could't get down the steps  so they had  to we a ramp.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

the new baby

In reading we are learning to sum up the story in our own words.

Friday, 24 April 2015

lmmersion adssembly

Yesterday on a cold morning Pt England school had an immersion assembly in the school
hall . We were going to discover what we will be learning about this term. Room 11 and 12
walked nicely in  to line to the hall.

Mr barks put the leaf blower into his hovercraft  to make  it fly.
Mr Barks pushed Mr Somerville on his amazing hovercraft.

Team 4 made a superhero video game. It was really cool.
Team 4 was the best I think, because I have never seen someone make their own video game.